How does the method work ?

There are specific areas of human body where adipose tissue is accumulating the most. Those areas like hips, tights, buttocks have slower blood circulation and due to this, during exercising they are not used as a source of energy significant extend. The layer of fat in those areas is much thicker and unfortunately the blood flow is lower. To streamline fat and cellulite burning process, blood flow needs to be optimized.
VacuLife, by means of vacuum and IR methods, activates the natural blood circulation. Fat is then transported through the bloodstream to the muscles where it is utilized.
In order to operate, muscles need energy. It is assimilating fat form the body into the free fatty acids. Adipose tissue is located all over the body, however during exercising not all parts are actually taking part in it, causing that some parts of body are really difficult to slim down. Only those parts of body that are the most oxygenated and supplied by blood is used as a source of energy.
User obtains excellent weight loss and reduction of cellulite. Additionally, it stimulates mechanisms of cells renewal and oxygenates skin cells.
Effects can be easily noticed: skin is much softer and moisturized.